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Legal Wedding

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Are you interested in getting legally married in Thailand?

While the wedding packages we offer are not officially recognized, we are able to offer you the assistance in preparing the paperwork. We can provide you a step by step process to guarantee the legality of your marriage in Thailand.

Once all the legal documents are prepared and executed we will arrange your transport to the local registry (Amphoe). Here you will file and formalize your union both here in Thailand and your native (home) country.

We are also able to offer to have an officer from the local registry appear at your ceremony and sign off on the documents there.  We can not provide a list of all requirements from all different countries here, but most of them are the same. To make sure contact your local City Hall.

requirements for a legal wedding in Thailand

Requirements for a legal wedding in Thailand

To fulfill the requirements for a legal wedding in Thailand you need to personally visit your countries Embassy in Bangkok and sign statuary declaration forms. These forms are proof that each person is single and free to marry. These documents are a mandatory requirement in registering a marriage in Thailand.

Documents brought from overseas will not be accepted. You will need your passport and may be asked to provide documentary proof that you are free to marry (i.e. legally divorced) if you have been married before. Once signed and witnessed by officials at the Embassy, these forms must then be translated into Thai and taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok to be certified.

This process will usually take around 3 – 5  working days if you do it on your own.

There are companies in Bangkok that can help you with this process, which we can recommend, to reduce the necessary time but the you still have to be there in person.

Once the forms and their stamped translations, have been completed, you can then apply to the local district office (in this case Phuket), to arrange an appointment to register your marriage. Please remember – the District Office will only accept documents stamped and authenticated previously in Bangkok.

If you want an officer to attend your wedding at the beach, villa or any other location that you choose to have the ceremony we require the documents at least 2 working days prior to the wedding to bring them to the district office so the officer can prepare the marriage certificate.

The officer will than attend the wedding ceremony and sign the papers on the spot.
The individual requirements for a legal wedding in Thailand vary depending on a number of personal circumstances. Please contact  us for a more detailed consultation.

legal wedding thailand


Embassies in Thailand

Australian Embassy
US Embassy
British Embassy
Canadian Embassy
German Embassy
Russian Embassy

For other Embassies, not listed above, click here

Legal Recognition

In Thailand, the legal recognition of marriage is addressed by the Thai authorities only by way of the amphoe’s office. If you wish to have your marriage legally recognized in Thailand, you will need to comply with the Thai marriage requirements. There is good information on the web in this regard or your hotel staff may provide valuable assistance to make sure you can fulfill your legal compliance prior to your wedding service.

You can have a representative from the local amphoe’s office on hand to witness your wedding and sign all the necessary papers and certificates for you immediately following the wedding service. Once you have received your marriage certification in Thailand, it is recognized internationally.