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About the Team

Phuket Wedding Service was founded in 2006 and has since established itself as one of the most reputable wedding planners in Phuket. We specialize in German-speaking weddings for couples and small wedding parties. Our focus is on romantic wedding ceremonies on the beach, in temples, on boats, or in private villas.

All weddings are customized to fit the couple’s preferences. You can choose from our ready-made packages or completely tailor the wedding to your needs. We provide German-speaking service throughout the entire process, including communication before, during, and after your wedding in Phuket. Additionally, the ceremony is conducted by a German officiant to ensure a seamless experience.

To give you a better idea about who we are please allow us to introduce ourselves:

Wedding Speaker


Thomas, is owner of the Phuket Wedding Service, wedding planner and celebrant. He is your contact person at all meetings before, during and after the wedding. He is himself married, born in Germany, raised in the Dominican Republic and after living a few years in Melbourne Australia, he has found his home in Phuket, Thailand.
Creative designer


ThanyaThanya, is the good soul and creative vein of the company. After many years in hospitality business, a bachelor’s degree in international business and Marketing, as well as postgraduate studies in Melbourne, Australia, Thanya is, responsible for the creative leadership of our weddings.



EakEak, our main photographer and a guarantee for a good mood. Absolutely professional, reliable and experienced, Eak captures the special moment and gently guides you through the photo shoot.

Master of Ceremonies


HansHans, alongside Thomas, is our German master of ceremonies and himself happily married since 30 years. He originally comes from northern Germany but has been living with his wife in Phuket and Bangkok for several years. His wedding ceremonies are unique and customized for each couple.

Hairstyling und Make-up


PalmmyPalmmy, our Hair and Make Up Artists. She works real magic on our brides and her stylings are simply perfect.


Kong & Jeab

Kong & Jeabkeep our equipment in good condition in our warehouse and, together with their team, they ensure that your wedding decoration on the beach / villa / resort is set up in good time.

Main driver


JohnJohn our chief driver and his Team. Reliable and experienced driver who brings you safely to your wedding venue.