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Dear bridal couple, I am thrilled that you have made it to my page. My name is Thomas. I am a wedding planner and freelance speaker in Thailand, on the beautiful island of Phuket. An exciting and thrilling time awaits you. You are getting married. How wonderful. And on top of that, you are planning to celebrate your special day in one of the most fascinating and exotic countries in the world: Thailand. A free wedding ceremony is just as the name suggests, above all else: free. Free from conventions, free from guidelines, and free from others’ expectations. That should be the case in your home country and it certainly is in Thailand. Only YOUR ideas and wishes matter on your wedding day.

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Organizing a free wedding ceremony far away from home is exciting and challenging. As a freelance speaker in Thailand, I am here to assist you with advice, support, and, of course, all my experience.

During the planning phase, there are usually thousands of kilometers between us. Thanks to modern technology, however, we can still have introductory conversations without having to do without them.

I want to get to know you, listen to your story, and experience the unique dynamics and togetherness of each bridal couple. I love observing couples and witnessing their interactions.

I want to create your ceremony as individual and personal as possible, so I would love to get to know you via video calls and meet you in person for a preparation meeting at your hotel in Thailand, one or two days before your wedding day.

Together, we will work on all the key aspects of your wedding ceremony. I will assist you in composing your personal vows or show you various variations of traditional wedding vows.

I am more than happy to incorporate one or several wedding rituals into the ceremony. Whether it’s traditional rituals like the exchange of rings, sand ceremony, lighting the unity candle, knot ritual, etc., or if you prefer a custom-created ritual designed exclusively for you, the choice is yours!

To make your wedding ceremony as unforgettable as possible, please contact me directly or through your wedding planner.


As a wedding planner and freelance speaker in Thailand, I have accompanied weddings with all imaginable demands. Whether the ceremony is intimate and romantic, intended only for the bridal couple on a secluded beach, or a lavish affair in a luxury hotel, with various programs and hundreds of guests in attendance. Many renowned 5-star hotels and top wedding planners in Thailand are among my regular clients. I have conducted ceremonies in German, English, and Spanish, sometimes even multilingual in a single ceremony. Despite all my experience, such an important day should never become routine. Every wedding has its own unique charm and is something very special. Bringing out these unique aspects is what makes a wedding ceremony so captivating for me. It’s because it’s precisely your uniqueness. It’s your story that is told and continued. A small inventory and a brief glimpse into the future. I want to get to know you, talk to you, and understand how you “tick.” And then it would be my great pleasure to officiate your wedding ceremony here in Thailand.

Phuket Wedding Service