Marriage in Thailand – Linda & Tobias

Marriage in Thailand –

Very intimate and private


On a picturesque stretch of Thai beach that proved to be the perfect backdrop for a wedding in Thailand, Linda and Tobias decided on a very special way to celebrate their love. It was a wedding without the traditional pomp and numerous guests – just the couple themselves, surrounded by the untouched beauty of nature, and their little daughter standing between them, feeling the love of her parents on this unique day.

The atmosphere was charged with romantic tranquillity and an aura full of meaning. Their love was not only present in their hearts, but also on their skin, as they both had a joint motif tattooed during the ceremony. It was not a traditional ceremony with the exchange of rings, but the choice of a symbol that sealed their union in a unique way, in keeping with their decision to marry in Thailand.

The tattoo was more than just an artistic expression. It was a sign of their bond, a visual promise that told their story forever. The whirring sound of the needles mingled with the sound of the waves and formed the soundtrack to this significant moment. The colors and lines on their skin became a living work of art that embodied their love – strong, unique and destined to last forever, just like their decision to marry in Thailand.

For Linda and Tobias, their wedding was not just a formal union, but an act of individuality and unconditional devotion. It was a day shaped not by the expectations of others, but by their own idea of love and unity. Amidst the beauty and culture of this exotic place, their decision to marry in Thailand was a sign that their love knew no bounds and was enhanced by the beauty of this unique country.

The sunset bathed the horizon in warm orange and pink as they celebrated the start of their new chapter in life together. The uniqueness of this wedding, characterized by love, intimacy and the shared tattoo, made this day an unforgettable chapter in their story – a chapter that was not only written in their hearts but also on their skin and would be told forever as part of their decision to get married in Thailand.


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